WRCC is delighted to offer reduced prices for both bulk LPG and LPG cylinders.

Bulk LPG

Are you near the end of your current contract, or even out of contract?

We are currently able to provide bulk LPG fixed for 12 months with the following great deal:
  • 30 pence per litre 
  • Telemetry system
  • £££ fuel credit into your account when joining (new household members only)
  • £15 per quarter above ground tank charge / £20 per quarter below ground tank charge
  • 2 year contract, price fixed for 12 months
  • New supplier takes ownership of your current tank
"Many thanks - your partnership with Paul [Swift Energy] and FloGas will certainly save me money.  Delighted to help support a local rural community programme."  Steve, Bevington

LPG cylinders

  • 13kg Butane    - £26.75 inc vat
  • 11kg Propane - £23.00 inc vat
  • 19kg Propane - £29.00 inc vat
  • 47kg Propane - £59.75 inc vat


  • No minimum order requirement.
  • Bulk order placed each Friday so you never have to wait long for your LPG.
  • Free delivery takes 3-5 working days but can be sooner if the supplier is within the local area.
  • The environment benefits too due to reduced vehicle movements around the county.

How to join?


Complete the membership form, pay your annual membership fee (£20 per household) and start making savings from your first order.  LPG cylinder orders are placed each Friday for delivery the following week.

Contact us  for further information regarding the supply of bulk LPG.