• 3 January (January delivery)
  • 1 February (February delivery)
  • 1 March (March delivery)
  • 3 April (April delivery)
  • 2 May (May delivery
  • 1 June (June delivery)
  • 3 July (July delivery)
  • 1 August (August delivery)
  • 1 September (September delivery)
  • 2 October (October delivery)
  • 1 November (November delivery)
  • 1 December (December delivery)

We will aim to confirm prices with you 4-5 days after the deadline and ask suppliers to make all deliveries no later than 3 weeks after the order deadline date. All orders must be placed by midday. Late orders will not be accepted.
In the 12 months to January 2017 members have saved £33,679 against average prices quoted and £68,932 against the highest prices quoted.

Check your tank level each month and don't wait until you are going to run out before ordering. Don't forget, you pay the same great price per litre whether you are ordering 500 (minimum order) or 1500 litres. Think about keeping your tank topped up rather than filling up from virtually empty.

LPG cylinders can be ordered at any time and are usually delivered within 3-5 working days.