Step 1: Join WRCC Energy

Complete a membership form by choosing the 'Become a Member' tab at the top, email us or telephone 01789 472619.  We will acknowledge your membership application.  

Some areas have a Local Co-ordinator who collects local oil orders each month and if there is one in your area we will let them know that you have joined the syndicate. We act as the Co-ordinator in communities where there isn't one.

Step 2: Place an order

Place your oil order with us online, via email or over the telephone. Your order increases our negotiating power so once submitted we regard it as binding. The minimum order is 500 litres.  Orders must be placed before noon on the deadline date.  

The best price is negotiated from a range of local suppliers. You will be advised of the price per litre (exclusive of VAT, currently at 5%), supplier, delivery and payment details once negotiations are complete (approximately the middle of the week following the deadline date).

Step 3: Pay the oil supplier and take delivery

You pay the oil supplier and the oil will be delivered within fifteen working days of the deadline date (and often much sooner).