WRCC Energy  reduces the cost of heating oil (both kerosene and red diesel) and LPG (cylinders and bulk) throughout the rural communities of Warwickshire.

By operating countywide, the syndicate makes it possible for groups, individuals and businesses to make the most of their collective purchasing power and benefit from cheaper heating oil and LPG. Oil orders are collected each month and negotiations then take place with the various oil companies that supply Warwickshire to obtain the best price for members.

Our members are making an average saving of nearly £54 per 1000 litres of heating oil against the average market price and a whopping £89 against the market high.

Anyone can join the syndicate by paying a small annual membership fee which covers as many orders as you need during the course of the year.

The environment benefits too:

The tankers that deliver heating oil may only do about 8 miles to the gallon when they are full. If a tanker can offload all its oil in just a small geographical area it is saving a lot of ‘oil miles’. Our aim is to get oil deliveries across the whole of the county organised in a much more streamlined way and to minimise the carbon footprint of what is, inevitably, a fuel-guzzling business.

If you think this could be of interest to you or your community please contact us on 01789 472619 or email us.